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Is Senator Ben Sasse A Cookie Thief?

On Wednesday of this week Senator Ben Sasse reported via Twitter that he had received fortune cookies containing political hexes. The hexes included “may the afterlife be a never-ending series of Fox News interviews” and “may you get trapped in an elevator with constituents who just want to tell you what you are doing wrong”. The surprising part of this story is not that the Senator received these cookies, but that every other box of cookies mailed to the other members of Congress seems to have gone missing, leading their sender to the logical conclusion: is Senator Ben Sasse a cookie thief?

Last week, — a non-partisan advocacy group focused on bringing about accountability in government through getting new people elected to Congress – sent boxes of cookies to every member of the US House and Senate through the cookie service PWNPolitics ( A representative from PWNPolitics confirmed the tracking information of the boxes as being delivered, and yet only Sen. Sasse appears to have responded.

This leads to conclude that the Senator, in an effort to gain social media infamy, may have snuck into the offices of every member of Congress and stolen all of the hundreds of other boxes of fortune cookies. Such a feat would take extraordinary skill as the cookies were mailed to addresses alternating between the Hill and members’ district offices.

Sen. Ben Sasse therefore would have needed to send a team across the nation to accomplish what is calling “the great cookie heist of 2019”. is both impressed and horrified that the Senator would go to such lengths to hoard all of their cookies and is putting out an open appeal for a Congressional investigation on the matter. Did Sen. Ben Sasse really steal all of the political misfortune cookies, or is this just another example of Congress being too slow to react to important national issues?

We urge anyone with information regarding the missing cookies to contact Trolls Congress with Boxes of Fortune Cookies Containing Political Hexes

WASHINGTON, DC. — January 31st, 2019 — A new nonpartisan advocacy group has sent boxes of fortune cookies containing political hexes such as “May you lose re-election by one vote and then learn that it was your mother who voted against you” and “May you first learn what a meme is by becoming one” and “May every baby you kiss spit up on you” to every current member of Congress with the intent of convincing them not to seek re-election. The movement goes beyond advocating for term limits and seeks to “reset” the legislative branch through the election of an entirely new Congress in the next election.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 75% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its’ job. This stands in stark contrast to the more than 9 out of 10 members of Congress who were re-elected in the 2018 elections. Overwhelmingly, voters are re-electing politicians, whom they do not believe in, because they feel they don’t have any better choices.

Facing massive funding from special interest groups and the benefit of name-recognition (from years and sometimes decades in the same job) incumbents hold an often-impenetrable lead over challengers, irrespective of how well they do the job. By removing this advantage, through rejecting all incumbents, voters will clear the field for new public servants who will be more inclined to represent the best interests of the people they serve. By facilitating more open elections, candidates who have real ideas for improving the lives of Americans will finally be heard instead of being drowned out by shouting fringe groups.

Jessica Higgins, a spokesperson for, describes the group’s strategy as “hitting Control+Alt+Delete,” She said that “as anyone who has used a computer knows, when a system freezes up, the way to fix it is to reboot the entire system. Just like clicking and waiting on a frozen screen will not fix the problem, consistently re-electing members of Congress does nothing to hold them accountable or bring in new ideas.”

While the fortunes may be riddles, the message to Washington is clear: America doesn’t approve of the way Congress is managing our country, and small changes on the margins are no longer acceptable.

The fortune cookies were sent by a service called PWNPolitics which allows people to anonymously send elected officials boxes of fortune cookies appearing to be a gift containing messages of good luck. Once the politician opens the treats expecting to read positive messages, their fortunes actually contain wishes for future political misfortune.

About Disapprove.Org is a joint website of Disapprove and Disapprove PAC. Disapprove and Disapprove PAC are separate organizations. Disapprove is a 501(c)(4) organization which primarily focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on issues related to democracy and transparency in elections. Disapprove PAC is a non-connected federal political committee which is focused on advocating against all current incumbent members of the US House and Senate.

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Jessica Higgins,

If Congress Can’t Keep The Government Open, We Can’t Keep Them In Office

Congress is responsible for passing a budget. The budget does not even have to be balanced, which means they can (and always do) pass a budget in which the government spends more than it takes in, and borrows the difference. That said, Congress still could not manage to pass a budget before funding for the Federal Government ran out at 12:01am on December 22nd, 2018. This should be a great shock to the nation as it is a clear example of the basic failure of government; although at this point it comes as no real surprise as the Federal Government has actually shut down THREE TIMES in 2018 alone. There have actually been 21 shutdowns of the Federal Government since 1976, ranging from a matter of hours to 21 days (in 1995-1996).

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