How We Disapprove


Our education mandate is to provide the American public with clear information regarding the state of affairs of Congress and their elected officials. We compile statistical and anecdotal information which we use in a variety of presentations and advertising across a broad spectrum of media formats.

Our mission is to spread truth, create a positive movement and together elect a more effective and accountable Senate and House of Representatives.


Our advocacy program is focused on supporting laws related to Congressional term-limits and other legislative checks on Congress. We believe in ensuring that our elected officials represent the people they serve and remain accountable to them to be replaced in the event they stop doing so. Just as the idea of a job for life does not exist in the private sector, it should definitely not exist in Congress.


Through Disapprove PAC, a Federal non-connected political action committee, we campaign against incumbent members of the House of Representatives and Senate. In this role, we use various forms of advertising to highlight messages opposing politicians who have done little with their time in office and the trust bestowed upon them. In short, we are not running for a seat in Congress, we are running against all of them.

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