Control+Alt+Delete Strategy

What Is The Control+Alt+Delete Strategy?

The strategy is as simple as it is efficient. All voters need to do is agree not to vote for an incumbent Member of Congress in the next Congressional election. That’s it. It does not matter if they vote for a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent or any other party. The goal is to elect an entirely new set of legislators who will bring a new way of thinking and new ideas to Washington, DC.

As anyone who has used a computer knows, when the system freezes up you have to reset the entire thing to get it to work. The most popular way to reset a computer is to hit “Control+Alt+Delete” and reboot the system. Just like a slow computer, Congress has become so locked up that it has stopped responding to the will of the people and needs to be reset. The idea behind the “Control+Alt+Delete” strategy is to reboot Congress systemically through the election of entirely new group of legislators who are accountable to the people who elect them – as opposed to special interest groups.

Why Will This Matter?

The beauty of the “Control+Alt+Delete” strategy is that it forces all of the corrupting influences in Congressional politics to work against themselves. Over the past two decades, special interest groups have been able to buy politicians through massive independent expenditures on behalf of or against certain candidates in order to sway votes in critical races. By making every race in the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate up for grabs each year, every special interest group will effectively have to “Repurchase” their elected officials every election, and even worse for them, they will have to spend the money on every race as opposed to just investing in “target races”.

Show Your Work...

Over the past 3 Congressional elections, over $3.1 Billion has been spent influencing the outcome of Congressional elections by independent expenditure groups. An average of 53% of this money was spent on just the top 20 candidates alone out of an average number of 612. That means that over half the money spent by special interest groups in the elections was spent on just 3% of the races. The reason for this is simple, most seats in Congress are considered “Safe” which is why Congress gets re-elected about 97% of the time. By focusing their efforts on the other 3% of races, special interest groups can concentrate their funding on races in which they have a high probability of influencing the outcome through massive advertising campaigns. Given how close votes in Congress often are, it only takes buying a few seats in Congress to be able to significantly shift what bills do and do not become law.

IF no race was considered safe, because the people had decided to take back the power over who they send to Washington to represent them, then the same money would have to be spent across not just 20 candidates but all 600+, which would VASTLY diminish the impact that special interest would have in national politics. With the outside noise from special interest groups largely muted, voters would be able to focus on listening to the actual candidates to decide who they believe is best qualified to represent them in Congress.


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